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The CryoTel® DS 1.5 Stirling Cryocooler brings gas-bearing technology to the mini cryocooler market. The advantages of gas bearing technology over existing technologies are a higher power density, a higher efficiency, and a longer life. The DS 1.5 features a dual-opposed-piston pressure wave generator and a separate cold head to minimize exported vibration and acoustic noise. An optional passive balancer further reduces cold head vibration for sensitive applications. Both the cold head and the pressure wave generator can be mounted in any orientation. Application examples include high-temperature superconductivity products, infrared detectors, RF receivers or antennas, astronomical telescopes, and germanium detectors. The nominal heat lift of the new product is 1.4 watts at 77 kelvin. The CryoTel DS 1.5 was designed to provide high heat lift in an efficient manner over an extended lifetime.