Cryo Industries Liquid Helium Research Dewars are finely designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials. A Liquid Helium reservoir dewar with surrounding liquid nitrogen shield and variable temperature insert defines the most popular research dewar. The sample is fast change, top loading and can be manipulated while operating.

CIA’s LHe research dewars are characterized by a large direct opening to liquid helium. Superconducting magnets and other large inserts are introduced into liquid helium from the top. Inserts are usually supported and sealed by the dewar’s top flange. An optical or non-optical tail can be easily integrated into the dewar through a demountable bottom flange.


Variable Temperature Research Dewars:

Cryo Industries Variable Temperature Liquid Helium Research Dewars (CN Series) provide soluitions for an extensive variety of low temperature optical and non- optical requirements.

There are numerous designs available, including Sample in Flowing Vapor, Samples in Vacuum and Sample in Exchange Gas.

Our most popular models feature Sample in Flowing Vapor, where the sample is cooled by insertion into flowing helium gas exiting from the vaporizer (also known as the diffuser or heat exchanger). The samples are top loading and can be quickly changed while operating.